Sunday, March 10, 2013

tldr - {Hello, World!}

Is there a single blog of a software developer which hasn't been started with "Hello, World!" in title?
So, here is the very first post in the new series.

Let's get acquainted:

Keeping a long story short: I am a guy about 23 years old; I enjoy making my living by being a software developer; I love my future wife, travelling, learning new stuff about technology and doing some crazy stuff (which I consider to be awesome stuff off course).

You can find me on various services (see Contacts above), I usually use either my real name (Ivan Antsipau) or a well-established nick-name (Isantipov) in conjunction with a gravatar upic:

What is this blog?

An attempt to reflect all the wonderful/dull/amazing/trash/etc things I go through/experience/learn and share any [hopefully]usefull observations. I have had this idea for a very long time (basically, it used to come up into my mind every time I solved a nice problem with code or got out of a pretty unusual story), but my time-management skills were too poor to allocate appropriate resource for starting.

I hope to post some technical notes, so in order to keep them searchable across the wide international community I've decided to run this blog in English.
I plan to move to stand-alone as soon as I find some time to get it up and running.
Any comments are welcome, but please, try avoiding spam and unnecessary abuse.

NB: writing an introduction article turned to be much harder, than I supposed - maybe I have overestimated my ability to blog?


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    1. упс, я был уверен, что из коробки подхватится, поковыряюсь в настройках на досуге. Спасибо, что приметил, дружище!

    2. о, теперь (а, может, и всегда была) внизу есть ссылка Subscribe to posts или что-то вроде того:

    3. кул. наверное, не нашёл.